Coworking Space
Business Center
Central Borås


65 :-

per hour
  • A place to work instead of cafés and libraries
  • Professional work enviroment
  • Excellent coffe and wifi
  • Near Borås city
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790 :-

per month
  • Open 24/7
  • Unlimited access to the Business lounge
  • creative and dynamic working enviroment
  • Wireless internet
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1500 :-

per month
  • Open 24/7
  • Bright and flexible workspace
  • Creative and dynamic working enviroment
  • wireless internet
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2350 :-

per month
  • open 24/7
  • your own lockable private office
  • Full service and partner discounts
  • wireless internet
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Working independently, together

When people interact with eachother, new things are happening. Why work at home alone or run an expensive office when you can sit in peace – or together with others – in an environment offering the latest technology and modern services? Elitkontoret offers an inspiring, creative and dynamic environment for those looking for a flexible workspace, private office or a representative space for customer meetings, conference lectures or workshops.

From our members

  • When we found Elitkontoret, we got stuck completely to the coworking concept with both offices, flexible workspace and meeting facilities. For a small business, networking is of very great importance , and we saw that potential at Elitkontoret. A year after, it still feels just right.Rivercode AB
  • Convenient distance to Borås city, easy to park, creative working enviroment and to meet many people who work with many different things resulting in good dynamics.” Nord-Lock International
  • We chose to have our office at Elitkontoret because we like the coworking spirit here. The idea of ​​a business where you help each other to achieve success was critical for us. Tokyo Traffic Jam
  • Elitkontoret is very good and offers something beyond just an ordinary office, such as the networking of various types. Creative and dynamic environment and a flexible concept.
    Newbody AB
  • Good location and pleasant rooms with several different options, as well as a good social network.” Swing Catalyst
  • A small business is dependent to network and find new partners so Coworking creates many unique opportunities. Even the possibility that at a good price to have access to the fully equipped conference was a major factor in why I chose this office. Elitkontoret is new and fresh with a good location right in central Borås.” Manabu

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Sharing Energy, Ideas and Space